How To Get A Replacement Social Security Card

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Losing your social security card can be very stressful, especially in this age of identity theft. You don’t want someone picking up your card and trying to steal your identity, so if you lose your card you want to get another one right away. Unfortunately, if someone finds your card, they could take your social security number and try to steal your identity because you can’t get another social security number. It stays with you for life.

Sign Up for Identity Theft Protection Service

If someone does steal your social security card, you will want to sign up for an identity theft protection service because they will monitor your credit report for any new activity and you can catch someone early if they try to take out a loan in your name.

replacement social security card

Visit Social Security Office

Do you have question in mind that how do i get a copy of my social security card fast? When it comes to replacing your social security card, the best way to do it if you want it the same day is to go to the social security office and you can get a replacement card the same day. You need to bring proof of who you are and you will need to fill out a form which you can print out online and bring it with you or fill it out at the store.

Avoid Visiting Office at Business Times

Try to avoid going to the social security office at the busiest times because you could have to wait in line for a long time. If you don’t mind waiting for your card to come in the mail, you might be better off getting your replacement card online because you get to avoid waiting in the long lines at the social security office.

When you get your new card, be very careful with it because you don’t want to put yourself at risk at by losing it again. You should always keep your social security card at home.