Is Lower Back Pain Kidney Pain?

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Lower back pain can be tricky to diagnose on your own. The lower back is the location of the kidney’s which are in the upper abdominal area and press against the muscles on the back of the body.

Causes of Kidney pain:

Kidney pain may be higher in the back which can help to differentiate from lower back pain. If the pain is under the ribs, it may be muscle related. A doctor will run a variety of tests to see what the actual cause of the pain is.

1. Kidney Stones

The main cause of kidney pain is urinary tract infections or kidney stones. Of course, there are also reasons such as blunt trauma that may result in a “lacerated kidney”.

2. Fever

Kidney pain may also be accompanied by fever, flank pain, painful urination, nausea, vomiting as well as pain on both sides of the body. There are many times that patients have a medical history of kidney pain so the doctor will use that as a base in the diagnosis.

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Check Lab Reports

All tests will start with a complete physical history and exam as well as labs that may include blood as well as urine tests. CTs or MRIs of the abdominal area and the pelvis may also be ordered depending on the severity of pain and the presentation.

Treatment methods for back or kidney pain will be dependent on the reason for the Stamina Pro – Back pain. Typically, ibuprofen, Toradol or even Tylenol will be prescribed for pain. If there is a bacterial infection then the doctor may also prescribe an antibiotic.

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Many people pass kidney stones without any issue and won’t require surgery. Others will require surgery and may have a prolonged recovery due to the surgical procedure.

The prognosis for back or kidney pain will be dependent on the cause and how it can be treated. The sooner a patient sees the doctor the sooner treatment can begin.