What Do Exfoliators Do?

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Exfoliation is a process where the top layers of skin, usually the layers that are dried out or dead are removed using a brush or a somewhat abrasive cloth. The process leaves the skin healthier and fresher looking.

Benifits of Exfoliation !

If these dead skin cells are left to accumulate they can contribute to blemishes and pimples. Exfoliation is something everyone can benefit from no matter how old they are. Younger skin benefits by becoming clearer and older skin benefits by becoming less wrinkled.

As we age, the skin cells turn over less frequently. This is one reason that we get wrinkles.
Exfoliators are either the tools like mitts, body brushes, washcloths or loofahs. Or, they can be scrubs that are formulated using abrasive substances that help eliminate dead skin cells.

Exfoliants can be used all over the body. This is something that should be done a few times a week for best results.More over you would like to read about Anti-Inflammatory diet for good health .

Who should exfoliate ?

People with sensitive skin can and should exfoliate but not use anything harsh. Apply an oil to the skin and use a cotton ball in circular motions to get rid of flaky skin and reveal clearer, more beautiful skin.

Exfoliators help maintain skin’s health and appearance for people of all ages. Choose to do weekly or bi-weekly exfoliations with special scrubs that you can buy which are formulated for the face or the body. Or, choose to use a loofah or other abrasive tool like an exfoliating mitt. Also You should know how sleeping habits helps in good health .

These mitts are made with material that is not too harsh on the skin but is rough enough that it will pick up any dead skin cells when used. You can use the exfoliator alone or with a body wash or a face wash. While you can exfoliate your whole body be gentle on sensitive areas like the face. You can get some more beauty tips .